4 circumstances in which the vegetable dye can help you in hair care

4 circumstances in which the vegetable dye can help you in hair care

The vegetable dye we use, prepared only from organically grown plants and distilled water, has, as we have already told you before, wonderful effects on hair, whether dark or light.

In addition to coloring, natural dye helps balance and protects hair health. So, with bio-coloring, you can get

End with many of the headaches that your hair gives you: dryness, excess fat, lack of volume.

Today we want to share with you 4 circumstances in which the vegetable dye becomes a great solution for your hair!

Your hair is dry and brittle.brittle

The vegetable dye balances the health of your scalp, regulating both dryness and, if necessary, excess fat. Before a dry scalp, the hair grows weak and brittle.

By caring for the scalp with plants, you get a hair that grows strong from the root.

In addition, the vegetable dye creates a natural film on the hair. This film acts as a protector of the hair, preventing it from breaking.

You have very thin hair and lack of volume.very thin hair

Fine hair usually loses volume quickly. In addition, its characteristics make it not always easy to untangle them and end up breaking in the daily combing process.

The vegetable dye, with that natural film on which we have already spoken, manages to give strength to the fine hair, thickening it slightly and getting an effect of greater volume at the moment.

As if this were not enough, our clients tell us that, after the application of the dye, it is much easier to untangle the hair, so it breaks less and gets a healthier and rejuvenated look.

You live in a big city and you worry about the effect of pollution

Yes, indeed, living in a big city, we are exposed to considerable levels of air pollution. This undoubtedly has a direct effect on the health of our skin and our hair.

As in the previous cases, the protection on the hair that the vegetable dye offers becomes vital to ensure in this case better hair health.

Hair treated with natural dye is protected from possible external agents that attack and damage it.

You have dull hair, lack of brightness.

Applied on dark hair, the vegetable dye intensifies the color. On both dark and light hair, bio-coloration achieves a rejuvenation of the hair, reviving its natural shine.

If you notice that your hair looks dull and frizzy, applying the natural dye will undoubtedly be a great option for you. You will notice the results immediately!

As you see, the plants help you protect and care for your hair in a completely natural way.

As we always say in the bio-surgery, each hair is unique and needs personalized care. That is why our hairdressers perform, in all cases, a diagnosis prior to treatment, to achieve the optimum proportion of plants in each case.

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