4 hairstyle ideas to be stylish at Ocean Beach

4 hairstyle ideas to be stylish at Ocean Beach

hairstyle ideasThe time is lazy and the long hours spent bubbling at the pool. But between salt, chlorine, and wind. It is always obvious to display a mane perfectly combed. We give you our favorite hairstyle ideas for you to play it mermaid on the beach, without making headaches.

On vacation, we want to be pretty but it has to go fast. No way to spend hours in the bathroom, the deck is waiting for us! it’s good because it takes very little to display a beach look worthy of our friends the people. We have identified some trends that will not take you more than 5 minutes.

hairstyle ideasThe hairy bun
It is preferred in its low version and neglected for a wild effect of the sexiest. For this, we spray a little hairspray or dry shampoo on the hair and brush upside down to bring more volume. We roll it while avoiding to tighten too much. We attach a few pins and you’re done!

hairstyle ideasThe trendy scarf
Posted on Instagram by all influencers, the scarf is displayed as the essential accessory. Elegant or offbeat, it is also effective against the wind unleashed at the beach. It is used in the manner of a headband or a turban, it does not matter whether it matches every time!

hairstyle ideasThe ponytail bubble
Seen and reviewed all year long, on the red carpets, the bubble tail invites itself this summer on the beach. Easy and quick to do, she has everything to please. To achieve it, smooth your hair to avoid unsightly frizz. Make a high tail if your hair is a good length and half-head if your hair is mid-length.  Finish with a cloud of hairspray to prevent the wind from ruining everything.

hairstyle ideasThe braid revisited

Timeless, the braid continues every summer to reinvent itself. This season, we play on the different sizes and we combine thin braids, thicker and ears. You can tie everything in a ponytail or keep the hair loose and let the sea salt act for a wavy effect always on top.

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