4 Professional tricks for hair coloring

4 Professional tricks for hair coloring

When we talk about beauty, the fact of having a nice and beautiful hair is fundamental. Each one has its tricks to get the most flattering look or change style. Hair coloring plays a very important role in this regard.

Today we leave you 4 tricks used by hairdressing professionals so that the color of your hair is always perfect. They are very easy to make, so write them down and enjoy a bright and healthy tone every day, without having to spend a fortune in the hairdressing salon.

1. Golden glitters. If you are blonde (natural or dyed) and want to enhance the brightness of your color and even clarify a little bit, use a shampoo with chamomile extracts. If you also clarify the hair with an infusion of chamomile when you finish washing it, the result will be much more effective.

2. Choose a good tone. As far as coloration is concerned, it must be taken into account that not all hair types accept the same tint tones. Choose a tone below yours to lighten the hair and give it a healthy and natural shine.

3. Miraculous sauce if your hair is blond it may be that after the summer you have noticed that it takes a rather greenish tone. This is due to the action of the sun. Although it may seem a lie, if you make a homemade mask with ketchup sauce and apply it from the root to the tips for 10 minutes you will see how that beautiful blond reappears. Then rinse well with warm water.

4. Coloring without spots. Remember to apply a little bit of Vaseline or hair oil in the area of the forehead, just where the hair begins to be born, and behind the ears before proceeding to the coloring to avoid those ugly spots that remain on the skin when it enters contact with the dye.

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