5 keys to have radiant hair on your wedding day

5 keys to have radiant hair on your wedding day

Whether you are going to wear a loose mane or a bun for your wedding day. It is very important to have a healthy and careful mane so that the hairstyle you choose looks radiant hair.

With these 5 keys, you can get it if you are constant and you are faithful to the advice of your stylist.

1. Only tips.

That we have to clean the tips of our hair we all know, but that the metric system of hairdressers is not very accurate, is another of the things we also know very well. You have to go to your stylist to keep the ends open and ask that please only cut the tips you need to keep the length for your bridal hairstyle. If you do not trust much of how many inches will be two fingers at the end. Look for stylists who have in their salon new machines that cut the ends but without cutting the length.

This type of machines only cut the ends and are a great ally if you want to take care of the length. This technique can also be done by hand, consult your stylist to inform you.

2. Colorin Colorado …

Many are the brides who prefer to wear their natural hair color. But if you are someone who likes to wear your dyed hair or do different color jobs attentive to these tips:

  • Only first quality products! There is a lot of difference from a dye of € 3 to € 8 dye and not just the name …
  • Whenever you apply color, ask your stylist for a hydration treatment. The more hydrated your hair is the longer the color and shine will last.
  • If you like the attentive Balayage or Californian! Consult your wedding hairdresser if you make this type of color for your wedding. Depending on the type of hairstyle you want for the wedding I advise against this type of technical work. For loose hair are ideal although I prefer a balayage or traditional reflexes in which the color transition is softer. If what you want to do is a pickup, flee from abrupt color transitions. Since it will appear that the bun is one color and the root of another, it may seem that you wear a false bow.

natural hair color3 Beware of the sun

The sun not only tans our skin but it also lightens and dries our hair. Bringing your hair up in a casual bun at the pool or beach will help keep the sun off the entire mane and will not discolor.

Another solution is to use products with sun protection factor for hair. Many hairdressing firms already have in their stock with products designed to protect the color of your hair from the sun. They work both for natural hair and for colored hair. The only precaution is that they do not reach the scalp to avoid dandruff or fat problems.

Bringing your hair

4. How do you wash your hair?

Most hair problems have their origin in an imbalance in the scalp caused by poor hygiene. Washing the hair correctly is vital to avoid problems such as dandruff, grease, itching … 

Here are a series of recommendations to properly wash your hair:
  • The fundamental thing is to rub the scalp. Rubbing the whole head and emphasizing the areas that sweat the most is very important. The only rub with the fingertips, do not use the nails to avoid damaging it. The rest of the hair will only need a mild shampoo.
  • Wash your hair only with a specific shampoo for your hair. It seems very obvious but if you do not have dandruff do not use an anti-dandruff shampoo. If you do not have fat, do not use a shampoo for fat.
  • Do not clean your hair excessively. If your scalp dries out, it will produce fat to compensate for that dryness. If you like to wash your hair daily use a shampoo for daily use or even for children. These are softer and respect the PH of the scalp and hair better.
  • After cleaning always moisturize. Use specific creams and masks for your hair type and only from medium to ends to not saturate the scalp.

wash your hair

5. Comfortable but safe.

After following these tips, you will surely have a beautiful mane! You want to wear it at all times, but … There are times when you want to take it back to be comfortable, it’s normal!

Holding the hair correctly and with the most appropriate accessories is also taking care of the hair. 
No use of stationery for hair. This type of gums are not respectful with the fiber of our hair, hold very well but not at any price. Quilts, knots and broken hair are just some of the consequences of this type of malefic rubbers.

Use gums and do not give too many turns to the rubber to not force the hair. You can also use tweezers. 

And something that not many know is that if you use the right gums or tweezers but you do very tight pigtails or put hairpins and tweezers very close to the scalp you are mistreating your hair. Strong and continuous traction of the mane is not good for the health of the hair root. It can even be dropped. Hold your hair delicately and without mistreating it.

This also applies to pulls with combs and brushes. To untangle choose a large flat brush. If your hair is entangled very much the best is to make partitions and unravel one by one. You always start at the tips. If you start at the root, what you do is tighten and join all the knots. And above all patience.

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