7 essential tips to take care of hair during pregnancy

7 essential tips to take care of hair during pregnancy

Pregnancy involves many changes in the woman’s body: weight gain, change in the figure, hormonal alterations … and somewhat different hair. So that your hair does not lose its health during and after this beautiful and exciting moment. We must take into account a series of basic guidelines that will give it even more strength. For that reason, we tell you, how to take care of your hair during pregnancy.

How hair changes during and after being pregnant

It is common for the appearance of the hair to change over the course of pregnancy. In the first months of pregnancy, it seems more brittle, as lifeless, and weaker than normal. Luckily, as the weeks go by, their appearance improves. In fact, many women say they have never had their hair as beautiful as when they were pregnant.

Due to hormonal changes, something more sebum is secreted. Which benefits especially those women with a tendency to have dry hair. His mane has more shine and volume than ever. However, all those who have slightly more greasy hair will see this feeling of ‘dirty hair’ increased. On the other hand, during this stage, the hair falls less than usual due to high levels of estrogen and progesterone. Which makes the hair leafier than ever.

Unfortunately, this beautiful hair does not last forever. After giving birth, all that hair that had not fallen in the previous months is usually lost (postpartum alopecia), the hair no longer has so much shine and the hair becomes brittle. In addition, many women have the feeling that their hair has stopped growing. In a few months, everything will return to normal, provided we have provided the necessary care to our hair.

Tips to take care of hair during pregnancy

These basic care for your hair will help you to be stronger and healthier before, during and after your pregnancy.

1. Eating a healthy and varied diet is important for the growth of the belly, but also for the health of your hair. Take foods that give you the vitamins and other nutrients necessary for your hair to grow stronger.

2. Brush your hair at least once a day. It will help stimulate the scalp and make your hair shinier. You should do it gently using a brush with natural bristles. Avoid pulling, especially when your hair is wet as it becomes more brittle.

3. Look for hair products that fit your hair type and your needs. Shampoos that work in some hair types may not be recommended in others. Bet on the quality natural products that keep your hair well hydrated.

4. When you wash your hair, use warm water. Take the opportunity to massage the scalp with the tips of your fingers (never use your nails!).

5. Reduce the use of the dryer, since excessive heat damages the hair. When you use it, lower the temperature and separate it from your hair. Always dry the hair from the root to the tips.

6. Avoid too tight hairstyles, such as pigtails or tight braids, as they add pressure to the scalp.

7. Current dyes are often tested and are safe for hair and for your baby. However, if you prefer, use those that do not contain ammonia or bet on natural products that are more respectful with your hair.

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