7 hair care tips for healthy hair

7 hair care tips for healthy hair

healthy hairAs you know, beautiful, well-groomed hair is the women’s secret weapon. They not only look attractive and sexy but also support and shape the overall appearance of the woman. Therefore, it is only too understandable that many women long for healthy and radiant hair. If you want to fulfill this wish, you have to care for your hair and pay attention to the appropriate care. What should belong to the daily hair routine, with which care products can be successfully helped and how small handles can do great things.

Hair care tips # 1: The right way to handle sensitive hair

An essential component on the way to healthy hair is the handling of them. Care should be taken to be as sensitive as possible during daily hair routine. When shampooing offers a small scalp massage, with which the shampoo is gently massaged into the hair. This relaxes both the hair and the wearer. After shampooing, the hair is not rubbed wild dry or hot blown, but at best dried in the air. If you do not have the time, use a high-absorbent microfibre towel to dry your hair as gently as possible.

Hair Care Tips # 2: Suitable hair care products

Aids that most commonly come into contact with hair are combs or brushes. It definitely pays to look for high-quality products in the hairdressing industry. In the trade, one often finds plastic combs that damage the hair with their pointed teeth more than they do them good. It is advisable to use natural hair brushes, for example, boar bristles (also known as “100 brush strokes”) and round brushes with a ceramic coating, which additionally make the hair shine.

It is not recommended to use conventional aluminum round brushes. These dry out the hair rather, because it does not spread the warm air over the entire brush body. If you do not want to do without a hairdryer in everyday life due to time constraints, you will also find a suitable alternative here in the hairdressing sector. There are hairdryers with ion technology. The existing ions combine with the air, settle on the hair as a moisturizer and gently bring it to more suppleness.

Hair care tips # 3: Intensive care – but regularly!

Just like we feel the hair now and then dull and tired. They become straw and look dry. Then it helps to pamper the hair with a rich intensive treatment or hair oils. In the hairdressing supplies, you will find both. Intensive cures that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the hair and also the individually suitable hair oils. The professional recommends “argan oil”. Due to its high vitamin E content, it cares for the hair gently and gives a lot of moisture. Gently massage into the hair, it also stimulates the blood circulation. Likewise, high-quality rinses should be applied after the normal hair wash. These provide additional vitamins and carers so that the hair gets everything it needs to look naturally beautiful.

Hair Care Tips # 4: Vinegar and green tea bring shine and suppleness

Also in the own household one finds numerous nursing aids for the hair. However, the necessary caution is required in the selection. Not all remedies deliver what they promise. A proven helper is a vinegar. He makes the hair and the hair color powerful blaze. Simply mix 200ml of it with 500ml of water, ignore the typical vinegar smell as skillfully as possible and then give it over the hair. After rinsing, the hair shines in new splendor. If you prefer to save the vinegar for the salad, you can choose green tea. It compensates for structural damage and prevents hair loss. Boil 2 bags of green tea with 200ml of water, allow to cool and pour over hair. Do not wash and dry as usual. The hair looks much smoother and visibly neat.

Hair Care Tips # 5: Preventable strain on the hair

Often, the ponytail is one of the fastest and most practical hairstyles for everyday life. The hair does not like this hairstyle so much. With hair ties with metal clips, the hair is unnecessarily strained. These rough the hair structure and pinch smallest hairs where the hair should be held together. Who does not want to give up the practical hairstyle, resort to hair elastics without metal? Invisibobble offers particularly elastic hair elastics that reduce split ends and hair breakage compared to conventional braids.

Hair care tips # 6: Cut tips only with barber scissors

Hairdressers, of course, recommend cutting regular tips to avoid hair breakage and dry tips. If you prefer to try it yourself, you can do that, but you should definitely order sharp barber scissors from the professional supplies. This cuts off the smallest hairs clean and does not strain the hair additionally.

Hair care tips # 7: Quality instead of quantity

In general, it is recommended to pay attention to quality when choosing hair cosmetics. High-quality products are regularly tested in terms of quality and performance. Therefore, one can be sure with these products to do something good for your own hair.

In the end, all that remains is to say: He who pays attention to the appropriate hair care, takes his time and buys the right helpers, will certainly be rewarded with beautiful and above all healthy hair.

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