7 secrets to tame your hair in the rain

7 secrets to tame your hair in the rain

tame your hairEven though we have been in the spring for a few weeks, the sun does not seem to have decided to settle permanently. Humidity is omnipresent and under the drops, it is not always easy to display a controlled hairstyle. So to avoid frizz and volume XXL. We give you our anti-rebellion secrets.

Secret 1: Do not touch
It’s a reflex we all have, without even realizing it. We spend our hands in the hair several times a day to revitalize. Stop! This innocuous gesture makes the situation worse by messing up your hair even more.

Secret 2: use adapted care
To help your hair, you can use a range of shampoo and care smoothing or keratin-based. These allow the hair to be sheathed to avoid external aggression and thus ensure your blow dry longer life.

Secret 3: Dry thoroughly
When washing your hair, when drying, remember to leave no trace of moisture to avoid frizz a few hours later or the next day in the rain.

Secret 4: Do not go out directly
If it is raining cats while you have just done your blow-dry, wait a quarter of an hour before going out. Apply an anti-moisture serum because they contain active ingredients that seal the fiber to avoid nasty frizz. Finally, spray a cloud of lacquer on your brush and paint. This will keep your hair smooth all day long.

Secret 5: Choose your brush
To avoid charging your hair with static electricity, choose a brush suitable for your hair. Favor those with ion technology that can bring shine and shine to the hair. These will be ideal if you have damaged hair or tend to dry out.

Secret 6: Protect spikes
The tips are the most exposed parts of the hair. Wind, sun, and rain are hurting them all year long. That is why it is necessary to redouble care concerning them otherwise the box cuts risks being indeed inevitable. To protect them, regularly use an oil (coconut, argan, …) or a serum specific to this delicate part. Also, avoid locking yourself up under bonnets or caps to avoid choking the hair.

Secret 7: make a pretty hairstyle
If you do not want to take risks in the rain, you can, of course, create a pretty hairstyle. For a sexy look, dare the wet look and opt for a high ponytail with shiny hair. If you prefer bohemian hairstyles, make a crown of braids. This one will have the advantage of well fixing the entirety of the hair. No matter which option you choose, do not forget to lacquer the set to avoid the rebellious wicks that would escape in the course of the day.

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