8 bad habits that damage our hair

8 bad habits that damage our hair

damage our hairIf you lose a lot of hair, regrow faster than usual or are abnormally dry. It may be that without realizing it. You are doing something that makes your problem worse. We take stock of these bad habits that damage the hair and how to solve them.

1. Touch your hair continuously
Putting one’s bangs back in place, holding one’s head, putting one’s hand in one’s hair in order to get back on the hair. Are all small, harmless gestures that grease your hair faster than it should. To avoid temptation, when you’re active or in the office, tie them up so they do not bother you.

2. Shower with very hot water
Even if relaxing or purifying the skin, hot water may be ideal, but it’s not the same with your hair. Indeed, the boiling steam stimulates the sebaceous glands of the scalp which then produces more sebum. It is better to opt for lukewarm water to see for the more adventurous, for cold water that will tighten the scales to bring more shine.

3. Rub the scalp vigorously with washing
If your hair is easy to grease, do not rub the scalp vigorously, as the scalp will feel aggrieved and produce more sebum. In addition, if you have fine hair, you risk to weaken more and they fall by a handful. The best is to penetrate the shampoo with fingertips massaging gently and long.

4. Combing wet hair

Wet hair is more fragile. So, it is better to avoid styling with your usual brush because it could break them. Use a comb with very large teeth to disentangle them gently before drying.

5. Wear the attached hair regularly
This is one of the harmless habits that damage the hair the most. Indeed, a hairstyle as simple as a ponytail can, if it is too tight, cause hair loss under pressure. If you like to tie your hair, avoid doing it too regularly to let your hair breathe. Also, favor the clips with rubber bands.

6. Wash your hair every day
Washing your hair too frequently dries the hair strongly and removes any shine. To always have that feeling of clean, alternate between classic shampoo and dry shampoo. If possible avoid more than two weekly washes.

7. Do not use a mask or conditioner

There are many who think that these care products grease or weigh down the hair and blow the impasse on it. These help to avoid risotto or dryness and they bring shine and softness to the hair. To avoid stiffening, switch between mask and conditioner and leave 10 minutes for maximum effect.

8. Do not cut his spikes regularly

Located at the bottom of the hair, the tips are the most exposed to attacks and therefore most prone to drying out. To prevent ugly forks from appearing and prevent the hair from renewing itself, it is advisable to have the tips cut every 2 months.

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