An anti-frizz treatment to eliminate the “electricity” effect

An anti-frizz treatmentThe frizzy and unruly hair is a real discomfort for many women in addition to being difficult to manage. They are also very fragile and need constant care to be preserved from damage. When the daily precautions are not enough to find silky, shiny and hydrated hair, the hairdresser helps us to help our hair with an anti-frizz treatment. So let’s see together what are the solutions to regulate and reinvigorate brittle and dull hair. What is keratin and what role does it have in hair health. But above all how does the ironing process that uses this protein to permanently eliminate the ugly “frizz” effect?

Frizzy hair: The causes

Opaque, dry, messy and difficult to untangle: what are the causes of frizzy hair? Sometimes it is a hereditary factor. The scales that cover the outer part of the hair are raised and this depends on genetics. But more often than not, too aggressive treatments are used to make a good contribution: the excessive heat of plates and dry phone and removes lucidity from the superficial layer of the hair.

The situation worsens if we subject them to frequent, permanent colorings, excessive use of poor quality lacquers, waxes, and mousses. Also, the humidity and the alteration of the metabolism due to the change of season are among the causes of an unlit hair. Nutrition and physical and psychological well-being play a fundamental role in the health of one’s own hair: stress, a too restrictive diet, poor hydration inevitably affect the hair.  Helping to weaken and dry them. Anti-frizz treatment to effectively and permanently remedy it?

The remedy for frizzy hair

For the frizzy hair, the remedy better is to adopt small and constant measures. In fact, having a daycare can greatly improve the appearance of your hair. It is necessary to prohibit overly aggressive treatments and the excessive use of styling products rich in petrolatum. Better to opt for more delicate solutions, such as those provided by the Italian in the various rooms.

To avoid the scaling of the hair, dab the wet hair with a microfibre towel or a cotton T-shirt and adjust the hair dryer to a temperature that is not too hot.  Do styling with a brush made of natural fibers or wood so as not to create static electricity. Finally, choose nutrient masks with coconut oil, argan or sweet almond and rebalance your diet. And if all this is not enough? You can always consider the possibility of anti-frizz treatment at the hairdresser!

Keratin ironing: effects

A treatment par excellence is the straightening Keratin. It is a nourishing and restructuring concentrate that gives the hair the desired smooth effect. Keratin, in fact, is a protein found naturally in the outer layers of the skin in the nails and in the hair. There are two types of keratin treatment with formaldehyde and without.

The treatment with formaldehyde is used to give a greater smoothing effect to the hair and is more durable. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentration of this substance in the used product. Which must not exceed 0.2% higher quantities are in fact toxic for the body and are prohibited by law. The keratin treatment without formaldehyde improves the smoothness of the hair and lights up its color and brightness.

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