Are you thinking about getting a keratin treatment?

Are you thinking about getting a keratin treatment?

n our daily life there are numerous factors that can affect our hair negatively. We have a high pace of life, always with stress, hurry, we live surrounded by pollution and also, most of the population does not have a healthy diet usually. Faced with this kind of thing, our hair is the first that can begin to suffer symptoms of weakness, much earlier than we do. For this reason, treatment for their care is becoming increasingly important.

Repair benefits of keratin

Keratin treatments are the best option, since in addition to straightening the hair; they protect it and hydrate it to help it recover strength, vitality, and shine. Perform one of these treatments every few months provides protein vitamins, oils, and amino acids. This is because keratin penetrates the hair fiber through the cortex of the hair and helps, from within, its reconstruction.

This makes the hair look much brighter and more careful. The proteins they contain will give you strength and elasticity, in addition to closing the split ends and helping a healthier growth. The cuticle that wraps the hair after these treatments will also protect it during a time of natural processes (sun, water, heat) and chemicals (dyes).treatment

Are there moisturizing treatments for day to day?

If we want to keep our hair healthy and lengthen the duration of any type of treatment, the work does not depend only on the keratin that you have done. Variable factors come into play, such as day-to-day maintenance at home. Since it is about causing as little damage as possible to our hair. To achieve a good result and duration, it is necessary to use a sulfate-free shampoo when we wash our hair. This will prevent the cuticle of our hair from opening and spoiling more quickly.

We also recommend using a keratin mask. Elements such as hair masks and moisturizers are very necessary. They act quickly and do not need heat to begin their effect. But do not worry, all the products you need to keep your hair healthy and hydrated can be purchased in our own room thanks to AVEDA.

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