Avoid ingrown hairs after hair removal

Avoid ingrown hairs after hair removal

Today I’m going to give you some tips so that you never have those red hairs after waxing. As in everything, there are different skins and therefore there are some that are more prone to incarnate, in turn also depends on the type of hair removal that you use.

To prevent it from happening again, always keep this in mind, after shaving; perform disinfection and exfoliation on the skin. This will help when the hair grows does not get under the skin and cause an infection forming those unwanted and annoying pimples.

Exfoliate the skin between two to three times a week with gloves and exfoliating gels, always perform the ascending and circular movements.

After a hair removal does not forget to do disinfection with a little alcohol, you can use a little lemon juice to close the pores of the skin and then moisturizes the skin very well, a little aloe will always do you very well, Put yourself some of that wise and let her act. In the case, that is not solved in this way and your case is even more serious, do not hesitate to go to a dermatologist so he can follow your particular case closely.

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