Balayage wicks to look in winter

Balayage wicks to look in winter

Wearing a bright mane with balayage wicks is not just about summer and good weather. With the cold, if you have the hair care, you can also look your color and your highlights balayage as if it were spring. You just have to be extra careful to protect your hair from temperatures and humidity, as we saw in other posts. Because this season is still the season of coloration and balayage wicks.

Balayage literally means “sweep” and is a coloring technique that consists in making the wicks in a subtle way with a brush, always from half to ends. And looking for the reflections around the face, always looking for the natural lighting points of your hair to get as natural as possible. It is a coloration that tries to look like a natural hair degraded without you noticing that you have applied a treatment.

This technique imitates the flattering reflections that the sun and the light contribute to your hair in a natural way, in such a way that they do not leave a “root effect” like most of the colorations to avoid the contrasts of tone. In addition, having studied your hair and the points of natural lighting will visually make the hair gain volume and texture, even in the smoothest or finest hair. You can also play with different shades according to your hair, choosing the lightest one in the front area.Balayage

Different types of balayage wicks

Within the balayage wicks different trends arise with different gradients and different colors, we detail the three most common:

Balayage Sun Kiss – As the name suggests, it’s about looking for a natural effect as if your mane had just been “kissed” by sunlight. It is a coloration that, naturally, people who are light brown, usually have in the summertime, when the sun’s rays affect for a long time in the hair.

Balayage Shatush – This technique works the means and the tips with pigments that clarify just a couple of tones the natural color. It is perfect for people who have been dying for some time and want to give some rest to the hair without giving up the color or for those who are not looking for a drastic change.

Balayage Blonde- If the base of the hair is dark (that is, in dark brown or brown hair), brown shades are usually used to blend them with blond honey and create a softer contrast. Very indicated also if your skin is dark.

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