Baths of cream for your hair

Baths of cream for your hair

The cream baths serve to give shine and docility to the hair, provide strength and vitality facilitating your thinking; normalize the roots and moisturize the dried ends, eliminating the frizz. If your hair is fine or normal the cream bath should be applied from the middle of the total length towards the tips.

Do not soak the roots, because otherwise, you can oil your hair, leaving an unpleasant effect. If your hair type is dry, put the mask from the root to the tips. Cream baths are more effective under heat.

If it’s a nice day of sun, nothing better than applying the cream and go out to sunbathe for about twenty minutes. In the hairdressing salon, they usually put you with a cap or under the dryer, or with a vaporizer to open the pores and the moisturizer absorbs better.

We had seen some homemade masks before, although there are many other tasks such as ginseng infusion.

L’Oreal Professional, AlfaParf, and different brands have their professional cream baths. To do it yourself, you have to perform massages in such a way to facilitate the opening of the pores, and so the cream is penetrating strand by strand.

The normal thing is after the heat to brush, although it is not necessary. Also, if possible, leave the hair moist until it dries, so that the residues of cream that remain continue to be effective.

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