Bloody hair trend: chocolate chip cookie hair

Bloody hair trend: chocolate chip cookie hair

In the pretty hair world, they know how to surprise us every time with the most beautiful hair trends. And now they have come up with something very special: the ‘chocolate chip cookie’ hair trend. So beautiful that you want to run straight to your hairdresser.

The mix between brunette and blonde

Thanks to hairstylist Ryan Pearl there is another beautiful new hair trend. And the name is just as exciting as the result. Chocolate chip cookie hair. It is a mix between the blonde and the brunette. It is a new way of combining highlights and lowlights. The look has both brown and blonde elements and you can, of course, determine how the proportions between those two colors are.

Ryan Pearl: ‘I regularly use food terms as soon as I paint someone else’s lure. That makes it namely understandable for the customer. Many customers do not have a show with a difficult name. In addition, it also makes the look a lot more exciting and playful with a name like ‘chocolate chip cookie’.

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