Carob extract, for hair care

Carob extract, for hair care

Most European women, we have fine hair, usually a hair is 0.8 mm thick, however, a fine hair is 0.5 mm or less thick, this is why the hairstyle is hard less time and tends to be charged with static electricity.

To solve this problem, René Furterer has found the solution in carob extract, which protects fine hair, giving it volume and a multitude of benefits. And with it, he has created his new range of products, Volumea.

This range consists of three products, the Expander Shampoo, in 150 ml tube, at an interesting price, only 11’15 euros. Care Expander without rinsing, in a spray of 125 ml at the price of 14’25 euros and the amplifying Foam in an aerosol of 200 ml at the price of 14’25 euros. As you see all at an unbeatable price.

I have very fine hair and at the same time abundant and as much as I try to make my hair last, after two hours it has lost all its shape. For what I have decided and I will try them. I promise to tell you how they have gone, with all the details.

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