Choose virgin hair extensions quality and a natural look

Choose virgin hair extensions quality and a natural look

Having virgin hair extensions is ideal to achieve that desired look. Hair is part of our image, so we always bet on the highest quality and the best care. What do these extensions have to be so demanded in the beauty sector?

Virgin hair extensions: essential for the desired hair

The extensions of virgin hair are those that have not been modified or treated artificially. They have not received any chemical treatment, such as dyeing or discoloration. For that reason, they enjoy a totally natural aspect and, of course, well taken care of. We have different collections to adapt to your natural look as much as possible.

Virgin Luxury Extensions

These extensions of natural hair are made with virgin hair and can have a life cycle of up to three years. Yes, as long as you perform certain cares. You find them in nine tones so you can adapt them as much as possible to your type and tone of hair.

We want to emphasize that, if you want to add more volume to your mane, Virgin Luxury hair extensions are presented with the adhesive strips or keratin tip placement format. Normally, its length ranges between 50 and 55 cm.  Remember that you can cut the length to your liking.

Brazilian virgin hair extensions

We also have Brazilian hair extensions. These are 100% human hair extensions without dying and without chemical treatment; the cuticle is preserved intact and does not become entangled. You can choose between different lengths from 50 to 65 cm, and between smooth, wavy or curly. Only the color of origin is available in a natural tone. But these hair extensions can be dyed and bleached with the desired shade. In addition, virgin hair extensions can be smoothed, curled, dried and washed like any natural hair. This type of extensions is different from the extensions of Indian virgin hair since the latter is thicker.

Virgin Brazilian hair extensions you will find in Elegance Hair Extensions in stitched curtains. In this way, you can choose the method of placement. To wear them for longer we recommend that the application is done by a hairdressing professional using the sewn technique or application of rings. If, on the other hand, you want to use extensions for specific look changes, you can attach clip combs to the extension curtains.

What are the advantages of virgin hair extensions?

As we have said, these extensions bring a totally natural and careful look. In fact, once placed in your hair, you probably will not distinguish them from your natural hair.

We want to remind you that these extensions of virgin hair do not get entangled by having the cuticle intact. In addition, as they are made in curtains you can place them in different ways, and their use can be permanent or removable.

How should virgin hair extensions be taken care of?

Remember that it is 100% human hair, so you should take care of them as if it were your own hair. Wash the extensions, condition them and use the dryer delicately. At first, you can make the first cut to get a more natural fall. Afterward, you can provide routine maintenance. For example, use a mask once a week or a good conditioner

You can wash the extensions as many times as you want since the quality of our products is very high. We know that hair is very strong and, above all, durable.

Opt for hair extensions from quality providers

We know that in the market you can find extensions at very different prices. However, it is always key to choose those trustworthy suppliers that show you the best quality-price.

Betting on virgin hair extensions is synonymous with investing in your health. You will gain confidence and you will get the look you want!

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