Curly hair treatments after summer

Curly hair treatments after  summer

Curly hair treatmentsThe holidays are now a distant mirage and of those days there are only a few photos of your hair and visibly damaged hair. Unfortunately, sun and salt can dry up the hair, depriving it of its natural volume. Flat hair then, is quite difficult to handle, since they need a special daily hairstyle to take the right turn. Not to mention that if you have curly hair, you will most likely have to deal with frizz. A support for curly hair can be a winning choice, saving you precious time every day, giving you a sparkling effect at the same time.

Extra strong volume: one of the thin facial remedies

A beautiful voluminous hair can also “correct” some facial defects, rebalancing the proportions. If for example, you have a rather important nose, a smooth head, impeccable as it is, can enhance it.

Do you have a thin face? The remedies are various. Firstly, healthy eating and resting could help you make your stretches appear less harsh. A good skin-care and a studied hairstyle do wonder. A beautiful volume can soften the facial features, without having to resort to contouring and tricks of any kind.

To choose the right effect for your face, you can opt for a support for curly hair, which must be soft waves if you have an oval face, slightly narrower if you have the classic face to heart or round. Do not forget then, that this support will have to be particularly accentuated if you have a square face, in order to “take it out”.

Hair support is an excellent solution for a quick hairstyle

If you’re always in a hurry and you can hardly ever take time out to put your hair in place, give yourself a support for curly hair from show hairstyle. You will be able to be in order in no time. As soon as you wake up you put the hair in place with your fingers, maybe using a product to fight frizz.

You are sure that once you have obtained such a volume, you will be able to do all kinds of fast hair doing, obtaining a “wow effect”: the freeway to thick braids, exuberant tails, and chignons worthy of a Diva. Forget hours and hours spent in front of the mirror to make sense of your hair.

How to have perfect curly hair after permanent and support

If you have given yourself the permanent or maybe a hair support and you want to know how to have perfect curly hair, following these tips will not defeat the job of the hairdresser.

Always wash your hair with a special, particularly delicate shampoo, applying just a small amount. Try to prefer the fingers to the comb not to damage them. Before proceeding with the “fold”, use a small amount of foam or modeling mousse. After that … give your curls even more volume by drying them upside down.

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