Do you want a solution for fine hair and without volume?

Do you want a solution for fine hair and without volume?

Have you tried different haircuts? Did you color your hair? But you still see your fine hair and without the volume that you would like to look like. In the Elegance Hair Extensions, we recommend the use of natural hair extensions.

If you have fine hair, you will have already recommended haircuts to get hair with more volume. These recommended haircuts are short manes, manes Bob in V… But using hair extensions you will not have to give up long hair since with hair extensions you decide the length of your hair. This way you will get hair with the desired volume and length.

The natural hair extensions are made with 100% Remy natural hair.  This variety is natural hair of the best quality, silky and bright. You will achieve a natural result giving more life to your mane. This type of hair guarantees that it does not become entangled, because the tips and roots are placed in the same direction.

To achieve a very natural result. You must choose a tone of extensions very similar to your hair, always looking at the tips. We offer a wide range of shades that will adapt very well to the color of your hair and give it a natural appearance. You can find a variety of colors, from blond extensions to all ranges of brown, brown, copper, extensions with highlights and fantasy colors. You can also choose a different color, to combine it with your hair without having to dye your hair. hair extensions

Permanent hair extensions

In the market, you will find different types of extensions according to their way of placement and duration. In this case, we recommend permanent natural hair extensions. When we speak of permanent extensions, we refer to the extensions that you can wear for 2 to 6 months, depending on the growth of your hair. You can wash and comb your hair and extensions naturally. You should follow the care and maintenance advice of each type of hair extension, to last you in the best condition and as long as possible. With this type of extensions, you will wear a long mane with volume and you will forget to renew them for a few months, and fine hair without volume.

Adhesive hair extensions

Adhesive hair extensions are the natural hair extensions recommended for fine hair. This variety of hair extensions includes adhesive bands 5 cm wide. They are placed in the line of the hair itself as a “sandwich”. The adhesive strip has a bioadhesive adhesive that respects your hair and guarantees natural results. It is an easy and quick system to place, they are also reusable. Just apply a little pressure and a little heat, 180 ° C maximum, on the adhesive to get an optimal result in the placement.Stitched hair extensions

Stitched hair extensions

Natural hair extensions are sewn or curtain is very comfortable to wear and with an invisible finish because of its way of placement. They sew or weave one end of the extensions, where the curtain is, to your own hair. Another way to place them is through a ring system. It is recommended that they are placed by experienced hairdressing professionals to achieve a better result.

Keratin hair extensions

Keratin extensions occur in tufts with a keratin point at one end of the lock. The keratin of the extension is fused with your hair strand by applying the necessary heat with a keratin welder. In this way, the hair extension is attached to your hair with a resistant and invisible fixation. This technique does not spoil your hair. And to remove the keratin extension is done with a keratin solvent. We also recommend that the placement of these hair extensions be done by an expert hairdresser, to achieve a good result and long duration.

Hair extensions with rings

These natural hair extensions are individual tufts with the stick-shaped keratin tip. They are placed without the need to apply heat, join at the end of the keratin with a ring with a lock of your hair. In this way, the hair extension is attached to the hair with a resistant and invisible fixation. We advise that the placement of these hair extensions be done by a professional hairdresser. As it will get the best performance for your hair extensions.

We recommend that a professional hairdresser do a study of your hair and advise you what type of extensions to use. As well as the number of extensions that you should use to achieve the desired volume of hair.

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