Eight reasons to use clip extensions

Eight reasons to use clip extensions

Would you like to give more volume to your hair? Greater length Have you valued buying extensions but do not you dare? We help you decide on the clip extensions for Eight reasons.

Clip extensions are the extensions you should choose if you want to make occasional changes of look. The entire Elegance Hair Extensions catalog is the most comfortable and effective choice.

With the clip extensions. You will be able to make the changes to look like the famous actresses. Singers, and celebrities that we are accustomed to seeing long, molded hair and elaborate collected.

These hair extensions are chosen by hairdressing professionals to make collections that need longer hair length; they know that they will also bring volume and natural shine to their hairstyles. Of course, natural hair extensions have a wide range where you can choose the same shades of hair of your clients or give touches of color to your hair with extensions.

Dare now with the clip extensions!

1. Natural hair extensions. The clip extensions are 100% Remy quality natural hair. So you will get a natural result, which will bring shine and luminosity to your hair. They are made so that the tips and the roots go in the same direction, so they do not get tangled.

2. The hairdressing professionals elaborate collected with extensions since they contribute more length to the hair and quantity to work the hairstyles.

3. More volume. The main reason chosen by women to use extensions is to get more volume for their hair. With clip extensions, you can decide how much volume to put on since they are made by pieces. You can choose between 2, 4 or 6 pieces to give the perfect volume level you need.

4. Easy placement these hair extensions are sewn with small clipped combs that you can easily place between your hair in a few minutes and then you can comb and mold.

5. Larger length If you would like to have long hair but your hair grows too slowly if you have cut your hair and you want to make an XXL braid or one of the hair collections that are a trend, buy the clip extensions!

6. A wide range of colors. You can choose the same shade of your hair within a wide range; choose another tonality or a different color to change the look without having to dye your hair. Discover the variety of colors: from blond extensions to all ranges of brown, chestnut, to extensions with wicks.

7. Smooth hair or wavy hair. You can choose between extensions of straight hair or wavy hair. If you love long smooth hair, or on the contrary, if you want to change and wear a nice mane with waves, these are your extensions.

8. Changes the casual look. Clip extensions are the ideal extensions for those looking for an occasional change of look, but if you want permanent extensions we recommend choosing stitched extensions or keratin extensions.

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