False myths about dyes

False myths about dyes

It is very common to think that having dyed hair can be harmful to your hair. But if you use the right dyes and take proper care of it, it does not have to be true. This is one of the most common queries from our clients when they come to our beauty salon. And many have that kind of prejudice for which they do not dare to give a touch of color or striking to his mane. Do not be afraid! We are professionals and we only work with AVEDA, our trusted brand. Its products are 98% natural and are suitable for any hair without damaging it in the short or long term.

And it is that “not all temptations are the same”. Neither by brand nor by type. Currently, there are three types of colorations that you can use to change your hair. Temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. For all of them, of course, relies on first brands. Never trust any miraculously cheap product or doubtful composition.

Another usual false myth is that the home dye and dye in professional hairdressing are the same. No way. The composition is totally different. If you do the mixing yourself at home, the product will be much less effective when it comes to getting the desired color in the hair, which will make a different tone to the one you were looking for and will also be less durable. The professional dyes are designed for expert hands and specialized salons. Which gives a more intense color and regularity in its handling (since you do not forget that it will be applied by expert hands)? They also provide greater ease when making wicks or gradients.

Use specific shampoos and conditioners to keep the color longer

Neither do you have to wash it before so that the color adheres better to the hair fibers? It is not necessary. In fact, the more “dirty” the better. It sounds weird, but it’s true. The natural oils of the hair that are generated if we do not wash it favor the adhesion of the coloring pigments. Another important detail is that when washing it, we “check it out” and the action of the dye can be more aggressive for your hair.

In this same sense, it is better to always use permanent dyes. The fewer times we pass our hair through a coloring session, the better. In the long term, coloration is less harmful. However, if you chain several semi-permanent colorations, you can spoil the hair fiber by acting in the same segment over and over again. Therefore, another myth that we also want to deny is that the products to lengthen the color do not work. Of course, they serve! In fact, they will be able to provide you with the nutrients and conditioning that your hair needs for coloration. In AVEDA, in fact, there is a range of shampoos and specific masks for these cases. In this way, you can lengthen the life of the dyes and keep their color alive. And as we said, the longer you hold it, the better for your hair health.

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