Five natural remedies to make the hair look stronger

Five natural remedies to make the hair look stronger

When autumn comes our hair is weakened, without strength, without volume, we notice that the fall has reached our door. And this can not be! Do you need to be told what the best remedies to strengthen your hair are? Today we teach you 5 natural remedies (we are not in favor of using chemical products) to see your hair stronger, brighter and healthier.

Mask with biotin:  Biotin is a vitamin present in the egg yolk, able to naturally strengthen the hair. You can acquire natural biotin and add it to other natural masks based on olive oil or aloe vera, in this way you will not have to change your natural treatment to favor the strength of your hair.

Cinchona Tonic:  Cinchona is a traditional plant from South America widely used for hair loss products. The bark of this tree can be synthesized and added to all kinds of homemade masks to strengthen the hair. You can buy the machine in the form of a tonic to make it much easier to add it to your masks.

Aloe vera mask:  Aloe vera has innumerable properties for hair; one of its characteristics is that it acts as a protector, strengthening the hair from the roots to the tips. Aloe vera prevents the fall effectively, so natural masks made from this plant favor its appearance.

Watercress and basil mask:  These are very simple additives to achieve, and greatly strengthen the growth of hair. The nutrients of basil and watercress are perfect for hair to grow more and make them healthier. These two ingredients can be added to all types of masks.

Natural aloe vera and oil shampoo.  Olive oil is a classic among natural masks; in addition to many other benefits, the oil is perfect to strengthen hair. In combination with aloe vera, this mask promotes growth, also repairing weak hair from the first application.

What do you think of these remedies? Now you only have to apply them on your hair and you will see how in a few weeks you will begin to notice results.

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