Five reasons to choose the Keratin Therapy treatment by Jean Louis David

Five reasons to choose the Keratin Therapy treatment by Jean Louis David

keratin-therapyIf your hair is weak, brittle and worn, Keratin Therapy is the right solution. Here are five good reasons to do this intensive reconstruction treatment in the salon.

1. An active ingredient of excellence: keratin

It is a protein that is naturally present in the hair fiber and serves to keep it healthy and strong. When keratin, due to external factors such as free radicals, sun rays, colorations, and aggressive brushing, decreases, the hair is affected. With the Keratin Therapy ritual, give your hair a full of keratin. They will immediately be more elastic, full-bodied and vital.

2. Has targeted action

The products used by professionals in the salon (Purifying Shampoo, Extreme Purity Mask, Intense Moisturizing Mask, Thermo-Active Restructuring Treatment) act by reconstructing the internal structure of the fiber and moisturizing it thoroughly, to heal the hair surface too. Before brushing, the expert applies the Thermo-Active Restructuring Treatment that protects the hair from the heat of the hairdryer and wraps it in a veil of brightness.

3. Give shining hair

The Intense Moisturizing Mask leaves the hair shiny and ultra bright.

4. Protects from external aggressions

The keratin covers the capillary surface like a sheath and therefore acts a shield against any aggression. Use the thermo-protective spray even at home to protect them from the heat of hair dryer and plate.

5. It gives immediate results

You will notice the difference to the treatment you have just done: more nourished, hydrated and regenerated hair. But, to prolong the benefits obtained in the salon. He also uses the Keratin Therapy Urban Care home-care line at home.

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