Fluid gold, aroma and oriental nutrition for your hair

Fluid gold, aroma and oriental nutrition for your hair

Orofluido is a relatively recent Revlon product and very nutritious for our hair, sold in hairdressing salons. This beautiful bottle was inspired, says her press release, in the ancestral hair care of women from countries like Egypt, Morocco, or even the Phoenicians. It is one of those treatments of rapid absorption and without the need for subsequent rinsing, for all types of hair.


It provides a silkiness, lightness and shine, thanks to its composition based on natural oils.

Argan oil, from Morocco that provides lightness to our hair, and is used by Berber women who were originally nomadic and desert. Perhaps due to this absolutely hot and arid climate, Argan oil (Argan Espinosa) contains Vitamin E and essential fatty oils for powerful hydration and strengthening of our scalp.

Flax oil, from the Ancient Phoenician, known for its ability to give our hair instant and spectacular shine, like those manes of Arab women so healthy and shiny in jet black. It has been used by Egyptians, Hebrews in addition to the Phoenicians for this reason for decades. It is extracted from the seeds of the flax and what it does is close or seal, softening the cuticle.

Copaiba oil is the last of these natural and almost magical components. Cleopatra used it to get a glowing hair of luminosity and soft as velvet, to the touch. Like Argan oil, it has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, in addition to tocopherols that protect from free radicals and give volume. The packaging or its design recalls the origin of its components since it is a glass bottle with decoration inspired by the Orient.

In addition to moisturizing our hair, this fluid gold leaves a very pleasant fragrance on the hair with aromas of vanilla background.


It can be applied to damp or dry hair because it is a fluid product that leaves no residue or needs rinsing. In addition, it is not so expensive, it costs only 19.90 euros. Since it spreads a lot, you just have to apply a small amount on the palm of your hand and then spread it on your hair.

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