Hair colors for this winter 2019

Hair colors for this winter 2019

We arrived in the middle of autumn 2018, and if you are a fan of hair dyes, you like to change your look or follow the trends of hair colors, you have to catch up with the hair colors that will triumph this winter 2018- 2019, and choose your hair color for the next season.

Blonde Polar

Stylists and hairdressing professionals, fashion and beauty magazines, and celebrities are setting trends in dyes and hair colors. In spring we talked about the trend of platinum blonde or polar blond with influencer Marta, we have also seen it in actresses and celebrities such as Karlie Kloss, Kim Kardashian. This hair color will continue to be a trend this winter, extending its color tones to gray and pink.Blonde Polar

If in addition to dye you like to use extensions, do not worry, because in Elegance Hair Extensions we offer a wide range of tones where you will find the one that best suits your hair color chosen for this winter. You can also choose between different placement systems, such as stitched hair extensions, adhesive extensions, clip extensions, keratin extensions, as well as extra long pigtails, hair bows or false fringes.

Cream Soda

Another of the hair colors that have been a trend during 2018, and that for this winter is still recommended by stylists, is the Cream Soda color. It is a mixture of brown, gold and beige tones, the mixture of the three tones gives volume to the hair, give a natural appearance and light to the face, ideal for winter. This hair dye can be applied with balayage, degraded ombre or reflections, and is perfect for brunette, chestnut, and blonde hair. Unlike polar blond, it is a less risky, more natural color and involves less discoloration. How is this fantastic hair dye and you can see it in celebrities like Gigi Hadid?


Recommended for this winter, but especially for people with a light complexion and clear eyes, it is the Blorange hair color. It is a soft tone between platinum blonde and orange, which brings warmth to the hair, gives a romantic touch, they say it is the new redhead. It is recommended for any hairstyle, long hair or short hair. We recommend you to see all your possibilities in Instagram with the hashtag #blorange before telling you about this trend of hair color.

If you opt for some of these hair colors to wear this winter you should take into account the care of your hair, treating the hair before dyeing hair, as extreme discolorations such as polar blond can damage your hair. So we recommend you put yourself in the hands of a hairdressing professional that analyzes your hair and recommends the right color for your hair, as well as the products necessary to maintain the color, health, and vitality of your hair.

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