Hairpieces: from bun to false bangs

Hairpieces: from bun to false bangs

The hairpieces hair can become your perfect ally when preparing your look for the weekend, for work, for a wedding or special event, we tell you how.

We start with the hair knots, the hair in a bun is ideal to highlight facial features, get an elegant hairstyle and without excess, so it is a fantastic choice to go to work if you must wear a formal presence the bow transmits seriousness and responsibility. To go as a guest to a wedding the bun can be the best resource of elegance, as well as being able to wear earrings, its best compliment.

But making a perfect bow yourself can be complicated, or simply that you do not have hair long enough for the occasion. For these reasons, we recommend you buy a hair bow for your wardrobe background.

As you will see in this video, it is very easy to place since it has an adjustable mesh. In our online store, you will find a wide range of shades where you can choose your hair color and achieve a natural look. Everyone will think that you have a fantastic collection of hairdressing.

If you bet on the hair bow, we also recommend the hair bands. The tall and long pigtails are a trend among celebrities; they know that when they wear their hair up they highlight the features of their face, achieving an elegant result and a very feminine and suggestive effect with the loose hair in the long ponytail.

The hair strands are also very easy to place, you can do it yourself since they have a clip and an adjustable mesh.

In Elegance Hair Extensions you will find a variety of models of straight hair, wavy or molded, you can choose between wearing it loose or make fun hairstyles like the pigtail of bubbles or braids.

And as for the color, do not worry, because surely you will find yours among the color palette that you can discover in the online store.

The hairdressing professionals recommend the fringes to enhance the cheekbones and lips, disguise a broad forehead, and visually contribute volume to the hair. Depending on the length or orientation you can also achieve volume to the face, depth to the look or highlight the nose, even disguise wrinkles on the forehead or eye contour. Depending on the type of cut you can get harden or soften features. The fringe is versatile, can be combined with any hairstyle, with loose hair or hair, long hair or short hair.

In case you do not dare to cut your hair for fear that you do not like it and regret it, because you think that in summer it will be too hot or because you are too lazy to have to comb it every day… we propose you the false fringes, your You can easily put it on with the clip combs that are included.

To achieve a natural result, choose between the varieties of shades that this product offers, from blond, brown to brown. Do you want to try and change your look? Do not hesitate and try false bangs.

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