Hairstyle trends 2018 for men

Hairstyle trends 2018 for men

pomade hairstyleMen who do not want to spend much time on their hairstyle will love the new trend of pomade styling. Due to the elegant cut, the pomade hairstyle is always perfect and can be styled very easily.

For whom is the pomade hairstyle suitable?

Men who have a roundish face can conceal a lot with the pomade hairstyle because the back-styled hair makes the face elongated and narrow. In addition to the pomade, men use a grooming tonic/spray and hairspray for the perfect look. The fixative gives the hair a natural volume, which is especially appreciated by men with fine hair. Men’s hair gets accents and shines through the pomade and with the hairspray man provides extra support.

Step by step to a pomade hairstyle

So the pomade hairstyle in the manuals works should be considered a few steps. After washing, the hair should be dried with a towel. Then evenly distribute a splash of grooming tonic in the hair. During blow-drying, you should blow dry your hair in the desired direction. The classical styling brush is adapted from Denman. After that, Pomade is used. As a result, the size of an almond is distributed to the date and is given in advance with the hair tip fingers.

This accentuates individual parts and gives the hairstyle a foothold. However, especially with pomade, you should always make sure that less is often more. If you take too much of the greasy pomade, the hair looks sticky and looks neglected. However, if you take too little pomade, you do not get the desired pomade look in your hair. At the end spray about 30 cm away some hairspray on the finished Pomadenfrisur, if even more support and fixation in the hair is desired.

Pomade – a classic returns strongly

In the first half of the 20th century, pomade was an essential part of men’s hairstyles. Only then could the wild rockabilly hairstyles survive a wild dance night. Over time, the hairstyle trends changed and the pomade was forgotten. This changes with the hairstyles 2018 for men, because now the Pomadenfrisur is back and absolutely IN.

pomade hairstyle

Benefits of pomade hairstyle
The classic pomade contains no alcohol, many chemical substances, and preservatives. This means that the pomaded hair does not dry out the man’s hair. The hair stays soft and can be combed well at any time because pomade gives the hair moisture and shine. Men who suffer from dandruff and dry hair will soon appreciate the pomade hairstyle because their hair problems usually dissolve in practically nothing.

Wash classic pomades out of your hair
It is not so easy to wash away the classic hair of that time. You have to know that every hair washes in natural pomades should not be fully washed. Although there are deep cleansing shampoos that can be used in very powerful products overlays. The healthy trick for hair is mixing with hair balm. A balm/Conditioner in dry hair ( hair from Vaseline) is well distributed, preferably combed negligently.

It is allowed to work until 5-10 minutes, then nattering. After this process, the remnants wash with a high-quality hair shampoo. With this approach, pomade is not entirely rinsed, but for most users, this is soft enough on skin and hair.

pomade hairstyle

The best looks for the pomade hairstyle

The pomade hairstyle is very suitable for men with short or medium-long hair. If the hair is too frizzy or pomade, smoothed can be smoothed with the other. Straight hair can be very well styled with pomade and stubbornness/frizzy hair.

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