Hairstyles to wear with a hat in winter

Hairstyles to wear with a hat in winter

In winter you have to take care of our hair and especially the health of our hair. It is one of the most aggressive times along with summer. And those that can affect us more to his fall or the loss of strength and brightness. Therefore, you should not leave your car or your style aside. Although we are much more sheltered by the street and have to use accessories such as hats, scarves or scarves, that’s no excuse to wear a shiny mane. To prove it and to give you a series of ideas, today we are going to analyze what hairstyles you can wear when you wear a hat. One of the most common accessories for winter.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that certain materials in the caps can cause static electricity or more frizz than others. To avoid these problems, it is better to keep your hair hydrated, either with your daily care or with one of our treatments. Use shampoos, creams, and masks to avoid frizz and serum for the tips.

Hairstyles with a cap and loose hair

Leaving your hair loose is the easiest option. If you want to give a touch more care you can try to make some light waves or smooth it completely. When you put your hat on, be sure to leave the strands on the front correctly on each side. If you have bangs, it is very good to leave it out just right. With the cap, it is enhanced much more and it will give you a youthful look.

Hairstyles with hat and pigtails

Normally if you wear a hat and have enough hair, it is better to make two pigtails and place them forward. It is a more childish look but you can give it a mix of style, maturity, and youthful beauty if you know how to combine well with your hat and your outfit. You can make them tight, loose, and disheveled or even a little braided.

Hairstyles with hat and braids

If you want to opt for something more sophisticated than the pigtail but you do not want to wear your hair loose, the best option is to combine it with braids. This look has the advantage that you will not get undone when you take off your hat, for example, if you go for a drink at a local. The braids can be normal or you can dare with side braids. Whether its herringbone, traditional, disheveled…

Hairstyles with hat and curly hair

If you have curly hair naturally or you curl it, do not think it is incompatible with the hat. If you put a hat or a hat on short or long curls you will accentuate its volume and you will get to give your hair a vintage touch, very old 20’s. Of course, the accessory that you wear on your head, try not to be too big and fit well with your shape.

Hairstyles with a hat and hair inside

If you are not convinced by any of these options, maybe the best way to avoid the cold without losing style is to buy a big size cap to hide all your hair inside it or helping you with the handkerchief. The effect will not be as flashy, but when you take it off, unfold your hair can look very sexy.

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