Hairstyles with natural dreadlocks and dreadlocks

Hairstyles with natural dreadlocks and dreadlocks

The hairstyles dreadlocks have become a trend among styles like boho hippie and chic. Although the history of hairstyles with dreadlocks comes closer to the Rastafari movement. The origin of the so-called Dreadlocks, we find in different cultures and parts of the world. From tribes of Kenya and Tanzania to the Pacific or Germanic tribes. As in Ancient Egypt or the Hindu Shadus.

Of course, even celebrities like Rihanna, Zendaya, Willow Smith or Shakira have worn hairstyles with dreadlocks.Zendaya

If you are thinking of donning natural dreadlocks you should keep in mind that the care of the dreadlocks is fundamental. You must use neutral shampoo, make a good rinse, avoid picking up moisture, pick up your hair when sleeping so that they do not fall apart or avoid rubbing certain clothes. And if you decide later to remove them, you should let the hair grow and cut.

Another option, we suggest you use false dreads that you can easily place and remove when you want. Add some dreadlocks to your hair will give you rebellious, special and endless combinations in your looks.

The dreadlocks

In Elegance Hair Extensions we recommend you to use false keratin nail dreads. They are made with synthetic fiber kanekalon hair, the variety of synthetic extensions of the best quality.keratin nail

The system of placing the keratin nail extensions allows you to enjoy a look of dreadlocks for long periods of time until the hair has grown too much. Or you can also remove them earlier with a solvent for keratin. The placement is done by applying the necessary heat with a keratin welder. In this way, the extension is fused with a lock of hair. Finally, the false Rasta is attached to the hair with a resistant and invisible fixation.

The dreadlocks that you will find in our online store have a length of 55 centimeters in length. And in each package includes 10 dreadlocks.

This variety of dreadlocks offers a wide range of colors that you can combine to achieve a unique look. From blond, brown, brown to fancy colors, such as red, pink, lilac or blue.

The best hairstyles with dreadlocks

Whether with natural dreadlocks or false dreads you can choose the length of your mane: long or short. But the loose hair is a safe bet to show off the dreadlocks.dreadlocks

If you want to avoid being bothered by dreadlocks on your face, you can comb your hair with a semi- haircut. Or use dreadlocks to make a headband.

Also, you can pick up the dreadlocks, or your hair with dreadlocks, in a big bow.

But if you prefer to follow the trends, the hairstyle we recommend is to pick up the dreadlocks in a braid, like a fishtail braid. Or you can also combine your hair with some dreadlocks and some small braids.

But do not worry, if you like to wear bangs, you can leave the bangs without dreadlocks, they will also combine beautifully with your hairstyle.

In addition, you can customize your dreadlocks and decorate them with threads, beads or rings.rings

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