Home remedies for hair

Home remedies for hair

Do you know that there are various home remedies for hair? They are simple and manage to gain shine, improve their strength or even repair damaged hair. At Elegance Hair Extensions, we know that your hair is part of your image and, of course, of your psychic health. Keeping you healthy is synonymous with caring for your inner health.

Home remedies for hair: looks strong and shiny hair

Exposure to the sun, dyes, pollution of the city, stress, poor diet … these are some of the factors that can deteriorate the health of hair. Therefore, it is necessary to make a change of habits so that the hair improves from within, either by eating better, performing relaxation techniques or using ecological dyes.

In addition, we recommend using the following home remedies to strengthen it from the outside. We also recommend using natural hair extensions to improve the appearance of your mane.

Treatment with aloe vera base

This will allow you to repair your hair and even hydrate it. You just need one of the best-known plants in this world for its many benefits: aloe vera.aloe vera

Crush the pulp obtained from the plant and add three teaspoons of brewer’s yeast powder. Mix with a tablespoon of olive oil and let the ointment rest. Apply it for 15 minutes at the tips of hair and rinse with plenty of warm water. You will get notorious results if you apply it every day of the week for 15 days.

Avocado treatment

One of the most coveted fruits in the world can also be used as a base for a repaired treatment. You should use the avocado if you want to diminish curling hair and repair the split ends.Avocado

Crush an avocado pulp with a banana. Add a teaspoon of wheat germ with a little olive oil (half a spoonful). Apply the mixture on all the hair, leaving it to act for one hour. Rinse with warm water and you will notice how the hair regains its soft and shiny appearance.

Treatment with oils to care for hair

You can use different types of oils to repair damaged hair. Some can give you excellent results, as long as they are 100% natural. Choose almond oil to prevent hair loss or coconut oil to nourish it from the inside. The rosemary oil stimulates the growth of your hair and the jojoba can combat dryness. Manage the natural oil you want at the tips of your hair, leaving it to act for 30 minutes, using it every day for 15 days.

Treatment with vitamin C

This compound is one of the favorites to ensure the health of your hair. It is a powerful antioxidant, which can eliminate free radicals that wear down its structure. In turn, it helps control dryness and keeps it always hydrated.vitamin C

Squeeze a piece of orange and half a lemon. Mix them and pour a teaspoon of honey. You can add a little olive oil (half a teaspoon). Apply on wet hair and let it act for half an hour.

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