How often should I cut my hair to keep it healthy and strong?

How often should I cut my hair to keep it healthy and strong?

Keeping hair healthy and careful is not always a simple task. In addition to having healthy lifestyle habits, closely linked to a balanced diet and optimal hydration, it is important that you pay attention to your hair. Apply the necessary products; protect it from external aggressions and cut it whenever necessary are essential steps to show off mane.

Why should you cut your hair with some frequency? What is the ideal cutting frequency? Keep reading! We’ll tell you everything.

First, we must bear in mind that each hair, like every person, is unique and needs different care. That is why having the advice of an expert who can see and assess the state of hair health is always recommended.

However, it is also true that, in general, it is advisable to cut the hair a minimum of 3 or 4 times a year. Cutting it with that frequency we get it to not break, we avoid that, when breaking the tips, that break rises and affects the fiber of the hair.

In case of wanting to maintain a specific cut, this frequency should be extended to one cut per month or, at most, every two months.

In cases where the hair is constantly exposed to external aggressions, such as the excessive sun, contact with chlorine or lime … it is recommended to cut the hair more frequently.

The key is to observe the hair, as the tips begin to open; it’s time to go to the hairdresser if only to clean the hair.

Of course, by taking care of and protecting your hair and acquiring healthier habits, you can extend the time between cuts.

In any case, resorting to a professional when cutting hair will be of vital importance. When cutting the hair with inadequate scissors we can also damage the tips, causing, as a consequence of the same cut, the hair to break faster and acquire a brittle and unhealthy appearance.

A professional hairdresser will always make a clean cut, which will protect your hair and help you look prettier and enjoy all the shine and health in your hair.

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