How to comb for a wedding in summer

How to comb for a wedding in summer

Summer is the time where it is used to celebrate large events such as weddings and baptisms. The good weather accompanies these celebrations since there is very little chance that rain or bad weather could spoil the looks, the hairstyles and in general, any detail so that your wedding was not perfect. And if you have a wedding, you’re probably wondering what hairstyle you can wear or what dress you should choose for an outdoor celebration.

The most important part of the hairstyle is how it fits with the rest of your look. Your hairstyle must be in harmony with your dress, your shoes, and your accessories so that the style is perfect. We can not give you advice on the dress, but today we are going to recommend a series of summer wedding hairstyles that you will love and sure will serve as inspiration.

Picked up for weddings

It is the most traditional and the safest bet. A hairstyle picked up for a wedding will never fail and will fit perfectly with the rest of your look. In addition, it has many variants such as the semi-picked, the low bun, the high bun, the low or high ponytail, the braid or a collection with accessories. In any case will give packaging, elegance, stylize the figure?

If you want to innovate and give a more modern touch you can choose a style of this season as is the combination with braids. This offers several variants such as the braid stuck with back underneath. Perfect for boho chic wedding and ideal if you want to complement it with floral decorations. Of course, although it sounds contradictory, do not look for a traditional braid but a more informal one. Braids are worn only with part of the hair, or only on the top or bottom of a long mane.

Hairstyles for a wedding with long hair

If you have a long mane, take advantage of it. Hairstyles with long hair are much more attractive and will attract more attention for their beauty and style. If you have undergone reconstruction or keratin treatment, your best option is to leave your hair long, loose and ready. If anything, decorate it with a compliment like a headband. But do not be afraid of being simple, it has cost you work and effort and you have every right to show it off. It will be great!

You can also take advantage of some loose waves, or picking it messy bun style. But watch out! It is not a matter of making the same hairstyle that you wear to be at home. It’s a wedding and you need the hands of a professional so that the pickup is good. As it is said, arranged but informal.

Hairstyles for a wedding with half a mane

Although it is the length that fewer innovations allow in the hairstyle, our stylists can do wonders to give new life to your average hair and give your hair luminosity, brightness, and an ideal styling depending on the type of wedding you attend. You can opt for a keratin straightening, some 20s style waves or collected from linked locks in the neck area with some ornament or complement.

You can also choose a pigtail, but as for the messy bun, you must let this be done by professionals, to give it a touch of modernity and style. This will not be simply a “to be home” hairstyle. For this, we can make side braids or bows with some ornament.

Hairstyles for a wedding with short hair

Short hair is the easiest to comb, but also the least showy if you do not know how to treat it. Luckily, we can help you by giving you a different style. You can try a bob or long bob cut and maybe opt for some coloration to make it more attractive. If you choose this hairstyle you have different variants and different lengths within that is a short hairstyle. Or even a fake bob if you do not want to lose length.

You can adorn a bob with a band around the head at the height of the forehead. Within short haircuts, you can also opt for an asymmetric cut and give volume and fixation with gel or gel. If your hair has a low volume, you can choose a hollowed out one that has some movement with a headdress or a flower headband. Another option is to give this volume in the area of the neck with waves or curls undone.

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