How to give life to your hair in the fall

How to give life to your hair in the fall

When autumn arrives our hair is damaged throughout the summer. The sun, the sea water, and other external factors play tricks on us and as a consequence, we reach autumn with dull hair, with split ends, and quite weak.

How to give life to your hair in autumn?

The first thing, do not be scared, is completely normal, since the change of season causes enough changes in our scalp. A problem that occurs to us, and quite frequently, is the fall.

Currently, there are many products that can help us to stop this fall, such as fortifying shampoos, masks or conditioners. Taking nutritional supplements that contain vitamins (B and D), essential fatty acids, zinc, and biotin among its ingredients will also help us.

Cutting the mane when the new season comes is also a recommendable procedure. Santa at least the tips, and you will see how you notice the hair with more volume and healthier.

Another trick is to use wood combs. Wood is a material that will not cause electrical charge, so your hair will thank you.

At the time of the shower, remember to comb your hair before it touches the water. You will avoid that tangles are formed when washing, so this will help you not to fall so much. And above all, remember not to rub wet hair, dry it gently with the towel, in this way you will not suffer so much.

With these tips, you will wear healthy, shiny hair after your vacation. And you, do you also notice the change of season?

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