How to give strength to your hair this season

How to give strength to your hair this season

Throughout the year, there is always a time when our hair weakens more, falls more, and is completely normal. But even if this happens, we can always do something to strengthen our hair and make it less weak.

Today we bring you 5 tricks to strengthen your hair this season. Go for it!

1. Cut your hair at 6 or 8 weeks. Not allowing more time than stipulated is essential for your hair to grow stronger and healthier. With this, you will avoid that it is split so easily. The hair is like a zipper if the ends are split that cracking rises and, in the end, part of the fiber.

2. The conditioner in each wash. Always, always, use conditioner after shampooing and every wash. It is vital to hydrate your hair fiber. The mask can be applied once a week.

3. You can use plates, but they are not very hot. The irons, tongs, and dryers are friends of your hair while they are not at a very high temperature. To know which temperature is correct, put the device on the skin, if it burns you, you will have to lower the temperature. The ideal temperature is 180ยบ.

4. Hides thin hair if you are one of those with thin, crushed, and matted hair, choose a focused product line to strengthen weakened hair, because when you thicken the fibers it will look like you have more hair.

5. Stress is your No. 1 enemy. When you are busy every day, you do not have time, it is obvious that you take less care of your hair, and you dedicate less time to it. You have to spoil your hair, apply the right products, use conditioner, and dry outdoors from time to time.

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