How to make the perfect waves and keep them all day

How to make the perfect waves and keep them all day

Getting perfect waves can be a difficult task. Those of us with straight hair want it curly, and those of us with curly hair want it smooth. But nowadays with the right tool, we can get the hairstyle that we want. Today we want to talk about how to get the perfect waves.

This hairstyle is displacing, increasingly, the classic and perfect straightening. Disheveled, perfect, half-made, surfer … the possibilities are endless and you can combine them both with more informal outfits and for a gala dinner.

Our first recommendation is to bet on products that enhance the curls and give volume to your hair and that you should apply before drying your hair. Avoid the combs; there is nothing better to work your hair than your own fingers.

Natural waves, as with curls, require special attention and care. “When you wash your hair, do not ‘break the curl’ so that the waves retain a perfect shape. After washing your hair, instead of rubbing vigorously with a towel, absorb moisture carefully. “You can add a diffuser to the dryer and put it in the cold air position to ensure perfect waves.”

For your waves to last all day, you have two options. Apply a spray product that defines your curls if you want a more natural result. Or pass an iron or tongs through your hair to get the perfect waves.

You must always start from the bottom up and split the hair into small strands to manage them better. You can opt for a hair straightener instead of a curling iron, and if you want your waves to have a lot of volumes, stick the iron as much as you can to the root to start with the first turn. You should make the curls with the iron always placed horizontally if you want this effect, if, on the other hand, you want some more classic and sophisticated ringlets to do it with the plates vertically.

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