How to prepare hair for paint

How to prepare hair for paint

When we decide to dye our hair, we must first take into account a series of guidelines, to avoid damaging the hair in excess, since the dye has ingredients, which are somewhat harmful and excessively dry the hair.

The first and most important, before dyeing the hair, is to cut the ends, avoiding that there are open ends and in this way, the dye will be better applied to the hair, in addition to cleaning the hair, it is like more strength we give it.

If you are going to bleach your hair, you must first hydrate it, since the discoloration is much more aggressive than a simple dye. You run the risk that if your hair is already dry in itself, with discoloration, it ends up breaking, so a few weeks before, apply moisturizing masks and keep it in an optimal state.

One day before dyeing the hair, you have to wash it thoroughly so that the hair is clean and free of impurities and dirt, although many agree that this protects more hair, is not entirely true, plus dirty hair repels the color.

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