How to protect your hair in summer

How to protect your hair in summer

The sun, the chlorine, the sea, and the high temperatures contribute to your hair losing shine, curling and the tips become rough. If you carry out these 9 tips, the effects of summer will be less harmful to your hair.

1. Cut the ends before and after the summer so that the hair does not become brittle, weak or deteriorate more quickly.

2. Wash and hydrate your hair daily if you go every day to the beach or pool. Opt for soft products, with a neutral pH and suitable for the scalp.

3. Since hair tends to become more entangled at this time of year, use conditioner and avoid tangles.

4. Once or twice a week, apply a mask that repairs and thoroughly nourishes your hair.

5. Try not to dye your hair in summer, because you will be very exposed to the beach, the pool or the sun, which will make your hair dry out a triple.

6. Dry your hair to the air, the high temperatures make the hair specially sensitized to apply even more heat with the dryer.

7. Protects the hair with sunscreens so that the sun’s rays do not reach the cuticle. You can also bet on hats or handkerchiefs that cover it.

8. Eliminate chlorine and salt quickly. Get used to showering when you leave the water.

9. Before going down to the beach or to the pool, apply a mask on your hair, this way, you will be able to protect your hair.

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