How to save my hair from the damage of the summer?

How to save my hair from the damage of the summer?

hair damageThe cicada having sung all summer, found itself very helpless when the re-entry came. In the gaiety of the summer, you neglected your hair and you do not know how to repair the damage? We give you some solutions to find healthy hair quickly.

In the summer, our hair suffers even more than the rest of the year. The sun, sea water, chlorine, and are all enemies that can aggravate the damage. If you have not redoubled care, it is possible that in this return, your hair makes the head. To avoid having to go through the “I cut everything” box, we try these solutions to the most common problems encountered after the summer.

Problem 1: My hair looks like straw
Your hair is so dry that no care seems to work and styling becomes difficult. They are totally lacking in brilliance and softness.

Solution: a simple nutrition mask will not be big enough to deal with the problem. Indeed, it is necessary to restore the fiber of the interior by using a reconstituting treatment. This will allow to re-inflate the hair to make it hold, strength and shine. However, be vigilant, for an optimal result, this kind of products requires a particular know-how. When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for advice. Once the treatment is followed, maintain a rich range of care, specially designed to provide maximum moisture to dry hair.

Problem 2: My blond turned green
We can not repeat it enough: it is better to avoid going blond, just before going on vacation because it makes them more fragile hair. Indeed, more porous hair can turn green because of chlorine.

Solution: It is not easy to repair this kind of damage by itself because it is to neutralize unsightly reflections with the help of other pigments. However, if the extent of the problem is not too serious, you can try to bleed the color. To do this, you can use an anti-dandruff shampoo. But if after a wash you are not satisfied with the result better then you put in the hands of a professional.

Problem 3: the material is matte and lossless
Your hair has said goodbye to any form of shine or reflection and your tips taunt you openly.

Solution: The best way to remedy this is to use an anti-aging treatment such as capillary botox and it does not matter how old you are. This one will bring a new youth to your hair by tightening the cuticles. You will find all the shine you dream of and risotto, forks, and extreme dryness will be a distant memory.

Finally, next year, to avoid these inconveniences, do not forget to rinse your hair after each bath and protect them from the sun with proper care!

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