How to survive a bad haircut?

How to survive a bad haircut?

It has all happened to us all. You arrive at the beauty salon, early in the morning, with new hope. The hope that when you leave you will see better, that when everything is over you will be a new woman, radiant, happy and that you will cause fury wherever you go.

“What did you do? You’re good, younger, more relaxed!” You want them to exclaim around you. In order to fulfill this dream, to tear out these exclamations from others, some of us are willing to do whatever it takes. But in the end, we pay only for the hope that Jacques, Joss or whoever is the master of our hair will make us look better than ever.

But what happens when you finish the operation, you look in the mirror and hate what they have done to you? Too short, a lot of fringes, you asked for red and it’s carrot, it’s impenetrable, you look like a man, you look like Aunt Conchita. With everything that we women do, the chances of something going wrong are many and you have to be prepared. Here are some tips to know when something really went wrong and how to survive it.

The first warning sign is when they start asking for an opinion. “Hey Cindy, how do you do it? Do you think I should cut more on this side or this one?” That’s a good time to stop the process and say exactly what you want. Remember the times you have left the room with tears in your eyes and thinking that you will not leave your home for 6 months. And the worst thing is that you have not even complained because you did not want to offend Jacques by not appreciating his “masterpiece”. Then forget your feelings and tell him that you do not like him, maybe he can still fix it.

The second warning sign is when you receive a comment from the lady along with: “You have to be brave; I could never do something so modern”. So modern, meaning “my 8-year-old niece cut her fringe herself and does not look so bad”. The same, you must say that it does not convince you and that they help you to look for a solution before running home to mourn. There is nothing worse than thinking that tomorrow you will go to another room to look for alternatives. That will cost you twice as much.

If after all there was no way and despite having complained, cried and repeatedly offended Jacques you still feel fatal, get out of there and carry it with pride. Pretend that you do not realize or that it was exactly what you wanted. “Yes, this month I’m doing a small tribute to Andy Warhol, I just wanted white hair and Gasquet style, and I’m in my pop era.” Think that it will grow and the bad cut will slowly disappear along with the humiliation.

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