How to take advantage of fine hair or small amounts

How to take advantage of fine hair or small amounts

Stop thinking that your fine hair is not funny and take advantage of giving the hairstyle, color and proper cut as Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham and a lot of other celebrities.

The cuts that favor the meanest hair arefine hair

Option 1: long bob, a straight mane and paraded in the upper layers. Fine hair should not be worn too long, as it opens behind and creates an unsightly effect

Trick: Orient the hair to one side with a diagonal stripe, as it provides more volume in the contour of the face.

Option 2: V-shaped bob from the nape. That is, shorter at the back and slightly longer at the front. For this cut to work, it is essential that the length of the front never exceed the chin.

Option 3: mane by the shoulders, very weathered and with bangs XL. The layers of the entire cut must be proportioned since they provide a lot of movement to the hair and generate natural volume.

Trick: This style is perfect for the finest hair, as long as it does not exceed the length of the shoulders and its texture is subtly wavy.fine hair

The fine and little abundant hair can also be enhanced through coloring. The best options are:

First option: Reflections or wicks that provide light, a sense of volume and movement and that play with the light-dark effect. This technique will give us a mane that does not seem static.

Second option: Soft colors such as color baths or henna, which due to its cosmetic properties in the first case or its properties in the second, give body, thickness, and shine to the hair without the need to radically change the look.

In addition to the hairstyles and the colorations, the little abundant manes should not forget to pamper themselves a lot in order to avoid the fall and recover the density.

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