How to take care of children’s hair

How to take care of children’s hair

children's hairTreating children’s hair, while avoiding tears, can quickly become an impossible mission. However, for them to have strong hair later, it is essential to do the right things. We give you some tracks to make these moments sometimes complicated, moments of pleasure.

Tips 1: choose your shampoo
For up to two years, opt for dedicated baby care. On the other hand, these products are no longer suitable. Indeed, children start to sweat and need a cleaner shampoo to eliminate excess sebum. However, the scale of the small is very sensitive, it must be careful to use a soft range, hypoallergenic.

Frequency level, everything depends on your toddler. If he sweats a lot, you can wash his head every other day. If, on the other hand, he has dry or curly hair, try to stick to it once or twice a week.

Tips 2: Unravel gently
To avoid crying and tears when bathing, remember to brush the hair morning and evening, with a brush or a comb with wide teeth. This will facilitate the washing. Feel free to slip into the girls’ pool bag, a detangling brush to avoid big knots when the hair has dried.

Tips 3: Adopt the conditioner
To avoid knots, choose a conditioner for each wash. At the same time that it will disentangle the hair, it will bring the hydration necessary to limit this problem. Note that there are detangling special children, without rinsing, easier to use. Forget about “adult” conditioners or masks, far too rich for them.

Tips 4: Goodbye hair dryer
Whenever possible, towel drying is preferred over hair drying. Too drying it can create static electricity in your child’s hair. It is therefore reserved only for days in a hurry and it is used cold.

Tips 5: Limit accessories
Although it is tempting to put 1000 small knots or bars in the hair of the little chick, it is limited. Indeed, as for us adults, the hair needs to breathe. Gold metal bars and elastics break the hair by smothering it. So we favor the natural cuts we do not tighten too tight braids and tails.

Tips 6: Warn small animals
If there are many small animals that scare all parents, it’s the lice! Prevention is the most effective way to keep them at bay. To do this, regularly inspect your child’s head and wash her hair once a month with a lice shampoo. Then in case of an epidemic at school, spray each morning, a natural repellent that will keep them away.

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