How to take care of your hair despite the rain

How to take care of your hair despite the rain

The rain is one of the most annoying cold season’s elements. Not only because the hair gets wet, but because of the sensation of humidity that it leaves in the environment, favored by the low temperatures. Contrary to what it may seem, a wet hair dehydrates more easily and that can ruin your hair no matter how much you have taken care of it the previous months. What can you do then? Take care of it even more!

The simplest solution when the weather is rainy is to make sure that the hair stays healthy and with the soft cuticles. For this, it is advisable to periodically perform hydration treatments such as those we carry out in our room. This way we will protect the cuticle when we are outside, which is when the hair is exposed to the most inclement weather.

Tips to keep hair healthy at home in rainy weather

If your hair tends to become dingy or frizzy, after washing, it is best to dry it from the top down. This way you will be combed in such a way that the volume is reduced. In addition, it is advisable to apply a product such as AVEDA oils that can provide hydration. If it has to become wavy, use an iron to dry it and reduce its volume, in addition to applying the products we recommend. As a third option, your hair may tend to flatten. In this case, it will be better to use a hairdryer, focusing the air on the opposite side to its natural direction. Starting from the back to the front.

In all cases, the drying phase is very important and you have to make sure to dry it completely at the root. Whether you use iron or dryer, it ends up drying with cold air so that your hair does not keep any residual heat.

What to do when going outside if it rains?

It may sound basic, but your best ally for rainy days when you can not keep your hair from getting wet is a brush. Always carry a hard brush handy and when you notice wet hair, brush it slowly and gently to release the moist air your hair may have.

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