How to take extensions when the good weather arrives

How to take extensions when the good weather arrives

When the good weather arrives, more and more women dare with extensions to give volume and length to the hair.

Although we are still in February, we are already thinking about spring,   and the trips that await us this summer, for that reason, we are going to be proactive and today we want to propose you to change the look. Famous as Alessandra Ambrosio have extensions, even colors!

One aspect that you have to keep in mind is that the hair cannot be treated the same as your natural hair since the extensions tend to be more fragile and need extra care.

If you are going to swim in a beach or pool, it is recommended not to soak your hair completely and dry it quickly, especially so that the adhesive bonds last longer. Neither should you apply solar products, as this will make them dirty and something similar will happen?

As for the entanglements, when you are going to be in a beach destination, it is important that you keep your hair collected or braided, in this way we will avoid tangling or splitting.

To take care of our extensions, we will have to untangle them and wash our hair, clarifying it abundantly. And for the extensions to last longer, we recommend applying a product that hydrates deeply as a mask. And above all, when you go to comb your hair uses wide-barbed combs.

These have been our tips for today. Do not forget that in our online store you can find a wide range of extensions.

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