How to use the dry shampoo correctly

How to use the dry shampoo correctly

In our day to day, we do not always have the time we want to dedicate to our hair. Between work, travel, errands, family, friends … there is little to devote to pampering our hair and yet, it is something we should not lose. For these cases, the latest advances in cosmetics have improved the performance of dry shampoo.

How dry shampoo works

Dry shampoo works by trapping dirt and grease accumulated in the hair fiber by means of absorbent and descaling particles. After this process, the hair regains its volume and lightness in a few minutes. When not needing water, it is enough with brushing so that the hair returns to its habitual state being totally clean and free of dirt.

Before using any dry shampoo you have to shake the pot energetically. Then, you have to apply it strand to strand in small amounts. Approximately 30 cm. of the root. If done in this way, there is no problem to use it continuously. Even daily. As long as we respect that the vaporization is at a certain distance from the roots.

Perhaps the main problem comes in understanding its use and the need to let it act for a few minutes to ensure proper cleaning. Every day we meet many clients who assure us that dry shampoo does not clean their hair well. And analyzing his modus operand we have realized that it is a matter of patience. These products need time to act and absorb the fat and the ideal is to meet that time. The indications are usually in the bottle itself. Therefore, one of the best tips to obtain the best possible result with dry shampoo is to apply it at night, before sleeping instead of in the morning. In this way, the hair fat will be absorbed while you sleep and in the morning you will only have to retouch your roots and comb your hair regularly.

Why does Aveda recommend dry shampoo?

As you know, Aveda is a brand totally involved with the environment and improving the quality of life of less developed countries. Good proof of this is his usual campaign of the month of the earth. That’s why one of the best reasons to use a dry shampoo like your Aveda Shampoo Dry Shampoo more often is to help this type of initiative. If you avoid 3 minutes of showering by washing your hair with shampoo and dry conditioner, you can save about 22 liters of water. Water scarcity is a serious problem for a large part of the world’s population and, as such, it can contribute to reducing consumption and waste of water.

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