How to wash your hair correctly

How to wash your hair correctly

Step 1. Untangle your hair with a brush (starting with the tips) so you do not have to do it later when it’s wet. You should never use a comb on wet hair. It is very stressful for the hair.

Step 2. Before shampooing, apply a vegetable oil (almond, argan, coconut…) on the ends and brush it to extend it.

Step 3. Wash it with a shampoo appropriate to your hair type. Avoid products with sulfates

The amount of shampoo you should use is the equivalent of a teaspoon and then emulsifies it with water. Soap only the roots with the fingertips, avoiding the ends.

Step 4. Rinse well and take your time. The hair must be very clean

Step 5. Apply a moisturizing mask, at least once a week. If you decide to add conditioner, do it only at the tips.

Step 6. When drying, do not rub the hair.

If you want to keep your hair straight and you can not do without the dryer and the iron, we recommend betting on the brushes, which do not damage the hair as much thanks to its new technology. Discover them!

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