Is it good to wash your hair every day?

Is it good to wash your hair every day?

Surely you have ever heard this question in your life. If you have dry or normal hair, it is not recommended to wash it every day.

The washing can damage the hair by the continuous use of shampoo chemicals, just as water causes the oxidation of the hair fiber, which affects both the scalp and the skin of our body.

If your hair tends to grease, you do not have to put up with dirty hair, it is better to wash it. Nowadays, you can find many specific and soft products to be able to use them daily without damaging the hair so much.

Of course, you should moisturize very well and not abuse the dryer every time you wash it.

Kim Kardashian confessed on her website that “to keep your hair shiny and soft in winter, I only wash it twice a week to prevent dehydration.” “Normally, I wash my hair every three or five days and on the third or fourth day I make a polished ponytail”

Undoubtedly, washing your hair every three or four days (and wearing extensions or wigs from time to time) is one of the best-kept secrets of Kim’s super-long hair.

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