Latest trends in hairstyles for weddings and communions

Latest trends in hairstyles for weddings and communions

With the arrival of good weather, the season of weddings and communions begins. Are you ready to face your busy schedule of commitments? Have you already decided what you are going to do in your hair?

Go comfortable and elegant is important, but surely you also want to comb the latest. We advise you to know all the tendencies about hairstyles for weddings and communions.

The latest trends in hairstyles this season

In this season the naturalness and the most casual looks come back, although you can not forget that you are going to attend a formal event. These are some of the more fashionable options in collected, semi-picked and loose hair.

Collected ideal for a wedding or communion

If you want to be the most elegant, bet on a picked up. This type of hairstyles is always a synonym of elegance and formality. So it is a good option to go as a guest. There are many options:

  • The high bun stylizes the figure and is the perfect complement to any dress, skirt or jacket suit. You will nail it if you accompany it with nice long earrings.
  • Those collected with braids at a low height are very fashionable. Loose strands on the sides of the face will give you a more fun touch, which is perfect for a communion look.
  • The very tight ponytail or pompadour can be great hairstyles to combine with a sophisticated wedding dress. If you want your ponytail to look less serious, add a braid attached to each side of the head.

Ideas of semi-selected hairstyles for a formal event

The semi collected are perfect for the most casual and fresh styles. They are becoming more fashionable because they admit all kinds of options:

  • One of the hairstyles in trend is the semi collectedUse a brooch with flowers to further embellish your hair.
  • If you are looking for a more casual look, opt for a mane with pretty waves and a braid collecting part of the hair around the head.
  • The bob cut is a trend, but if you do not want to remove the scissors you can falsify it with forks. This hairstyle is perfect for women with long faces, as it helps to compensate for the shape of the face.

Hairstyles with loose hair, a success!

Loose manes are always a success, but it is not worth to pass the comb after leaving the shower. A polished and worked hair gives a more jovial and cheerful image, ideal for this type of ceremonies.

  • Presents bright and healthy hair when wearing a very smooth mane. It is a very successful option if the dress you have chosen is very ornate. The wet effect can work very well at evening weddings.
  • Do you dare with a flattering mane with little marked waves? This bohemian-style hairstyle softens the face, making it ideal for faces that are too square or with very marked facial features.
  • A good curly mane will help you balance a dress too serious and formal. Try to break the curl a bit to get a more natural look.

Perfect accessories to accompany your hairstyle

A wedding or a communion is the perfect time to dust off all those hair accessories that you saw too formal for day to day.

  • The flowers are the ones that best combine with the hairstyles for weddings and communions. Choose them to match the color of your clothes and try not to be excessive.
  • The jewelry for hair are the latest hairstyles. In the form of a brooch or fork, they can turn a mediocre hairstyle into a spectacular one.
  • The tiaras and headbands are also very appropriate for an elegant event.
  • Not all types of weddings admit headdresses, but they can be a good option in case you are going to attend a very formal one.

If you still do not have very clear what are the hairstyles for weddings and communions that most favor you, make an appointment with us! Our team of professionals will advise you to find the best look for you.

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