Myths and truths about hair

Myths and truths about hair

1. Horse shampoo – False.

The fashion of horse shampoo arose with the idea that biotin provides more shine, but the scientists were clear: biotin is not absorbed through the scalp, therefore, no shampoo for growth.

2. Bringing pigtails every day makes hair grow faster – False.

Growth has nothing to do with it. Wearing the gathered hair will only keep it cleaner.

3. To throw cold water – Truth (half).

It is not that the cold water itself makes the hair grow longer. The only certain thing is that it activates the blood circulation in the scalp leaving it closed and promotes the shine of it.

4. Egg to get shine and strengthen – Truth

The raw egg protein acts on the hair as a conditioner, which is why we notice it with more brilliance.

5. Beer and lemon for blond hair – Truth

The beer not only provides beautiful golden highlights to the hair but also provides an extra dose of brightness and softness.

6. Take brewer’s yeast on an empty stomach to have a peel – Truth

The brewer’s yeast contains B1, B2, B6, folic acid, niacin, all favorable to the hair. In addition, it keeps the keratin in good condition

7. Take pills with a high vitamin content to have longer hair – Truth

It is true, but they should always be taken as a supplement to a good diet.

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