Proper use of your hair dryer to prevent hair loss

Proper use of your hair dryer to prevent hair loss

prevent hair lossPractical and modern, even high tech the hair dryer is a must-have beauty accessory that sits in all bathrooms. Yet it is better to know how to use it.  If you do not want to endanger your hair, which may dry out, subject to high temperatures. In addition to using a quality hair dryer, some good habits are to be taken to avoid premature hair loss.

Protect your hair and your health

Firstly, it is advisable to limit the number of washes a week (two are enough) and to make a care (nutritive or specialized) once a week. Regularly massaging the scalp is also of great help in improving blood circulation.

If necessary, we will complete this anti hair loss approach with a diet rich in iron, zinc and omega 3, banned from any intake of aspartame.

The ideal, especially in good weather, is to let your hair dry freely. We will finish by dabbing them with a cotton or micro-fiber towel, without twisting them in or wringing them out like clothes! Unraveling with your fingers may be enough to save the scales.

In addition to the temperature of the hair dryer, fashion is curling irons and straighteners. So many reasons to be cautious, for this purpose do only one electric drying per week in case of delicate hair: this impoverishes them proteins.

To put a barrier to these fads, new products in spray, called thermal protectors, appeared. They are sprayed on the whole surface before drying (or smoothing …) on hair still wet.

Gently on the thermostat and detangling!


An average temperature setting is essential, especially if you have dry or damaged hair. And there is even a “cool” feature on most modern hair dryers.

You will be alerted that you abuse the dryer if your hair becomes dull, and they have forks.

It is better to keep it at 30 centimeters from the head, knowing that one always starts by drying by locks, starting from the lower layers, and from the roots towards the ends. Drying upside down is a good habit for those who appreciate a natural volume.

For curly hair, you can follow the advice above, and if you have a heat splitter that clips on the end of the hair dryer, use it. Opt for a low temperature and disentangle with the fingers, but also with a wooden comb with big teeth.

It should not be pulled abruptly: this kind of treatment, combined with the regular use of elastics, tears the hair.

When we have frizzy hair. We can invest in the ion dryer: a good ally anti-static electricity and anti-frizz (which eventually get tangled).

But that’s not all …

Often the hair subjected to harsh drying treatments can also be made brittle because of too hard water, too hot, or unsuitable shampoos (already start by using a shampoo suitable for your hair ). Points to respect to keep beautiful hair. In the case of major falls, it will be better to consult your doctor.

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