Seven tips to care for bleached hair

Seven tips to care for bleached hair

The discoloration is a very aggressive chemical process for the hair since with the oxygenated water the pigment is removed from the hair and it modifies its cuticle, which weakens it, dries it and makes it lose its protein and natural shine.

Therefore, care for discolored hair should be constant and intensive.

1. The main consequence is capillary dryness, so you have to hydrate your hair with intensive masks twice a week and let them act for 20 minutes. Without are rich in protein and vitamin B5 better than better.

2. After the discoloration, the hair is weaker, so untangle it carefully to avoid breakage. Do not lie down with wet hair or dry it with a towel.

3. Try to decrease the use of plates, tongs, and dryers with very hot temperature

4. Cut the ends every two months (with a small cut is enough). This will revitalize the tips and your hair will look healthier.

5. Use products for dyed hair, its special ingredients will help you to care for bleached hair and maintain it’s color longer.

6. Avoid sun exposure and swimming pools, contact with the sun or chlorine from the pools modifies the hair color in a greenish tone.

7. As a home remedy, olive oil moisturizes and keeps hair shiny. Apply once every 2 weeks from medium to ends and let it stand for 20 minutes minimum, then rinse with plenty of water.

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