Six Tips to take care of curly hair

Six Tips to take care of curly hair

Bringing loose and beautiful curls is not an easy task, but calm, with these 6 tips you will get to master the curly hair.

1. Whenever you wash your hair, use special products for curly hair (or nurture in depth), so you will keep your curls care and elastic. Curly hair is drier than plain hair, so you should not wash it excessively or you will eliminate its natural hydration.

2. When you rinse your hair, it ends with a jet of cold water to seal the cuticles.

3. Brush the hair gently with a coarse comb before rinsing the conditioner, this will prevent the breakage of the hair fibers.

4. To ensure that your curls are well defined, separate your hair into sections and apply little by little a soft fixing cream so that there is no stiff effect. When you apply it, exert pressure from bottom to top with your fingers.

5. If you want to dry your hair with the dryer, place the head down and use a diffuser. In summer, you can always take advantage and dry your hair outdoors.

6. If you want to give extra shine and hydration to your curls, apply your favorite oil from medium to ends. Your curls will look shiny!

Another way to control your curls is to add a little weight, which you can add through the extensions. In Elegance Hair Extensions you will find curly and wavy hair extensions, so you can choose the one you like most.

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